Troop 122 Home
S201.jpg S202.jpg S203.jpg s204.jpg s205.jpg
 S201.jpg  S202.jpg  S203.jpg  s204.jpg  s205.jpg
S201-202: Court of Honor.  That's former governor Bruce King.
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 s206.jpg  s207.jpg  s208.jpg  s209.jpg  s210.jpg
S203-210: A backpack
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 s211.jpg  s212.jpg  s213.jpg  s214.jpg  s215.jpg
S211-S215: the Lava Cave camp out off of the Truck route.  Is this the same trip as S069-074?
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 s216.jpg  s218.jpg  s219.jpg  s220.jpg  s221.jpg
S216-S224: Wheeler Peak, with Ice Climbing school (Ice axe arrest)
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 s222.jpg  s223.jpg  s224.jpg  s225.jpg  s226.jpg
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 s227.jpg  s228.jpg  s229.jpg  s230.jpg  s231.jpg
S225-S235: Repelling somewhere.
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 s232.jpg  s233.jpg  s234.jpg  s235.jpg  s236.jpg
Is S236 part of Camp Alexander below?  Looks like a Summer Camp set up.
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 s237.jpg  s238.jpg  s239.jpg  s240.jpg  s241.jpg
S237-S245: Camp Alexander  This was the summer after Camp Conchas above.  Since National Jamboree was 1977, does that make this 1976?
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 s242.jpg  s243.jpg  s244.jpg  s245.jpg  s246.jpg
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 s247.jpg  s248.jpg  s249.jpg  s250.jpg  s251.jpg
S246-S253: Air Force Academy, Colorado Spings.  This was actually on the WAY TO Camp Alexander, rather on the way back (right?) so these pictures should go before Camp Alexander, chronologically.
s252.jpg s253.jpg s254.jpg s255.jpg s256.jpg
 s252.jpg  s253.jpg  s254.jpg  s255.jpg  s256.jpg
S254-256: Somebody's Eagle Project (surely not Bob McMullen's already?)
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 s257.jpg  s258.jpg  s259.jpg  s260.jpg  s261.jpg

S257 Some hike to the Rio Grande?

S258: ?

S259-260: Scout Camporee (?) at Santa Fe Downs

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 s262.jpg  s263.jpg  s264.jpg  s265.jpg  s266.jpg
S263-266: Scout Exposition 1976 (just a guess)
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 s267.jpg  s268.jpg  s269.jpg  s270.jpg  s271.jpg
S267-S269: More Camporee at Santa Fe Downs?
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 s272.jpg  s273.jpg  s274.jpg  s275.jpg  s276.jpg
S270-282 Campout in that Canyon below the main hill road.
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 s277.jpg  s278.jpg  s279.jpg  s280.jpg  s281.jpg
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 s282.jpg  s283.jpg  s284.jpg  s285.jpg  s286.jpg
S283-S285: Rocket launching, Horse Mesa
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 s287.jpg  s288.jpg      
S286-S288: Taos Family Ski Trip