Troop 122 Home
S002.jpg S003.jpg S004.jpg S005.jpg S006.jpg
 S002  S003  S004  S005  S006
  S002-S024 Wheeler Peak
S007.jpg S008.jpg S009.jpg S010.jpg S011.jpg
 S007  S008  S009  S010  S011
They're so young!
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 S012  S013  S014  S015  S016
S017.jpg S018.jpg S019.jpg S020.jpg S021.jpg
 S017  S018  S019  S020  S021
I take it from their position within the other pictures that S015-18 are Wheeler Peak, too.
S022.jpg S023.jpg S024.jpg S025.jpg S026.jpg
 S022  S023  S024  S025  S026
S025-27 Hike down a Canyon with a water fall.  White Rock? But see S038-39 below.
S027.jpg S028.jpg S029.jpg S030.jpg S031.jpg
 S027  S028  S029  S030  S031

S028-034: Scout Expo (1974?) Pioneering

S029: Ski day at Taos/Mader lodge?

S032.jpg S033.jpg S034.jpg S035.jpg S036.jpg
 S032  S033  S034  S035  S036
S037.jpg S038.jpg S039.jpg S040.jpg S041.jpg
 S037  S038  S039  S040  S041
S035-S039 Snow at the bottom of the falls, so 38,39 must be connected to 35-37, and 38-39 look an awful lot like 27.  Are they all together?
S042.jpg S043.jpg S044.jpg S045.jpg S046.jpg
 S042  S043  S044  S045  S046
S40-45 have common flora, and snow shows up again.  Is this all the same hike down from White Rock to the Rio Grande?
S047.jpg S048.jpg S049.jpg S050.jpg S051.jpg
 S047  S048  S049  S050  S051

S046-050 Camp out (in the Jemez?)

S052.jpg S053.jpg S054.jpg S055.jpg S056.jpg
 S052  S053  S054  S055  S056
Are S051-55 with previous, or is this just a hike above Los Alamos?
S057.jpg S058.jpg S059.jpg S060.jpg S061.jpg
 S057  S058  S059  S060  S061

S056-57: New event, or go with prior pictures?

S062.jpg S063.jpg S064.jpg S065.jpg S066.jpg
 S062  S063  S064  S065  S066

S058-68: Scout Expo 1975 Scouting Around the World

S067.jpg S068.jpg S069.jpg S070.jpg S071.jpg
 S067  S068  S069  S070  S071
S069-074 Camping in Caves and Orienteering in that Canyon off the Truck Route (Mortandad?).  My first Troop Campout.
S072.jpg S073.jpg S074.jpg S075.jpg S076.jpg
 S072  S073  S074  S075  S076
S075-079 More Scout Expo 1975
S077.jpg S078.jpg S079.jpg S080.jpg S081.jpg
 S077  S078  S079  S080  S081
S080-S087 Sawyer Hill
S082.jpg S083.jpg S084.jpg S086.jpg S087.jpg
 S082  S083  S084  S086  S087
S088.jpg S089.jpg S090.jpg S091.jpg S092.jpg
 S088  S089  S090  S091  S092
S088-S095 Hike up Black Mesa.  I'm so jealous I didn't get to go on this one.
S093.jpg S094.jpg S095.jpg S096.jpg S097.jpg
 S093  S094  S095  S096  S097
S096-97 Troop Christmas Party (1975?)
S098.jpg S099.jpg S100.jpg S101.jpg  
 S098  S099  S100  S101  
S098-101 Sawyer Hill in the Fall (or a very dry Winter?)